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Pipeline Raw

Brother Brother Sons

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Pipeline Raw

Fully controllable and dimmable Remote Phosphor soft light pipes.
No color shift while dimming or flickering, and an ultra-high TLCI rating 0f +98.
Available as:
1, 2, 3 & 4 Feet Pipes

– All Pipeline RAW come in 3200, 4300 or 5600K
– TLCI of +98
– High output: 900 lumens/feet
– Low draw: 9W/feet.
– Fan-free quiet operation
– It´s made in a 1-inch cylindrical form that emits light around 180 degrees.
– It´s aluminium back channel makes it practically indestructable
– Powered and controlled with a 250 mA/feet driver (forward voltage min. 36V)
– Fully DMX-controllable and dimmable down to zero when using a 4 Way Controller.

Use as installation unit with a compatible driver or use the Pipeline System 4 Way Controller. (Sold separately)

The Pipeline System 4 Way Controller has been designed specifically for the Pipeline Raw pipes and gives you full control of your fixtures.

(A 48V power supply is included with the Pipeline 4 Way Controller)