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LedZep - Rock the Light 

Exalux have developed a new high density LED matrix specifically for LedZep.

The high density of LEDs reduces the distance between the diffuser and the light source so that LedZep remains very thin even when the Snapbox from DopChoice is mounted on it.

LedZep LED engine integrates a constant current driver system that provides high efficiency (up to 96lm/w @6500K). This architecture therefore makes it possible to produce much more light while consuming much less energy.

In addition, LedZep LED engine allows a very long lamp rise (up to 20m) which can be practical when it is necessary to move the LED panel away from the dimmer for practical reasons.


Kit Contains:
  • 1x LedZep 1X4 TW2265
  • 1x Ledmaster Pulse Dimmer (DMX)
  • 1x Foldable Lightframe
  • 1x Diffusion Cloth Set (Quarter, Half, Magic)
  • 1x Honey Comb Louver
  • 1x Swivel Mounting Plate
  • 1x XLR4 Extension Cable
  • 1x 120W/24VDC PSU
  • 1x Carrying Bag


  • 105W MAX 24VDC PWM Input
  • 6900lm Output
  • 2200K - 6500K CCT Range
  • CRI 95+ TLCI 98
  • Fully Dimmable 0-100%
  • High Density Led Matrix
  • Swivel Mounting / 3/8” Pin
  • 1014x284x21mm 2.2kg
  • IP 20
  • XLR4PTS Input Connectors

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