How it all started.

In 2015 Jonas Elmqvist and Nicklas Carlsson along with Peter Plesner, founder and owner of Brother, Brother & Sons ApS started to discuss a world wide dry hire option for BB&S products. This because of the high demand of rental requests from the HQ in Denmark.At that time we had no name for the company so we made up a simple project name - "Punk Light", Punk for the "do it yourself spirit" and Light because, well thats what we had been doing for the last decades of our lives. When the company took form in 2016 we opened up under the name BB&S Rental Support AB - BB&S for our close connection to Brother, Brother & Sons and Rental Support because we want to support the Rentals and Technicians working in the business.

What do we do ?

We operate as a Dry Hire Rental for all Brother, Brother & Sons products but also as a distributor in Scandinavia, Iceland and Baltic States. This way we can give our clients the option to either rent, invest or do both as a combo to help save any job involving Brother, Brother & Sons products. Of course we also always try to track down the latest coolest and most helpful equipment on the market for all you guys and gals out there working hardcore for the art, business and fun.

This is our webshop - Feel very welcome.